Emma – Soprano

Performing arts have played a major role throughout Emma’s life. Starting young with piano, choir, trumpet, dance, and theatre; the stage was her home away from home in the Midwest. She learned that making music brought her a sense of connection to friends and community. Opera has a special place in Emma’s heart after classical music studies at Augustana University. Throughout high school she was a part of show choir, the Dakota Academy of Performing Arts, acapella and big band jazz groups, all state choirs, the Plays for Living Theatre Company, solo competitions, and a variety of national and international performances. During college she majored in chemical engineering at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology but continued to participate in multiple choral groups and learn new songs on her guitar. You can find her exploring Seattle, hiking, biking, or reading if she isn’t performing. Emma is excited to continue her musical journey singing and performing with ECV!

Pam – Soprano

Pam can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing. From musicals to choruses, she has been involved in some sort of singing for most (if not all) of her life. She dabbled in piano and trumpet in her youth, but singing is really her passion. A local to the Pacific Northwest, Pam enjoys smiling, has a very recognizable laugh, is a cheez ball connoisseur, and loves all things Disney. Pam is proud to be a founding member of the Emerald City Voices and is so proud of all they have accomplished to support the community!

Shannon – Soprano

Shannon has been singing for as long as she can remember. She began a career in youth theater at the age of nine, and continued performing through college with various theater and musical groups, including many years as both student and staff at Harmony Explosion. Shannon loves spending time with kids at her job at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and also enjoys reading, cooking, and hanging out with her cat.

Sarah – Alto

Co-founder of Emerald City Voices, Sarah also serves as President as well as Events and Marketing Co-Coordinator. She has been singing in community choirs, jazz ensembles, honor and All State/Northwest choirs, and school and church since a very young age. Sarah has sung alto, mezzo and soprano, even tenor as needed! In her younger days, she played bassoon, clarinet, and bass clarinet, and enjoys playing ukulele, kalimba, and guitar around the campfire. She also sings as a Lead with Jet Cities Chorus, and serves as their Assistant Director. Other interests include long walks to her favorite park while sipping an iced dirty chai, baking treats for her fellow singers, and dreaming of ECV’s future! She lives in Seattle with her kiddo, husband, and two dog-like cats, and is a proud mezzo/alto in ECV.

Jess – Alto

​According to her mom, Jess began singing when she started talking and hasn’t stopped since. Jess joined her first choir at 10 and has been a part of musical groups ever since; she also played piano for 14 years and still plunks at the keys from time to time. Jess co-founded her own a cappella group as an undergraduate at Amherst College, Terras Irradient, which is still going strong. Previous choral groups include the Amherst College Concert Choir, the University of Michigan Choral Union, Cantabile Chamber Chorale (NJ), and Sine Nomine (MA). Jess currently sings with Concord Chamber Choir, where she met several of the current members of ECV. Jess loves all types of music, but has been especially enamored with the K-pop group BTS since 2016.

Betsy- Alto

Betsy grew up in the Seattle area with several of the other members of Emerald City Voices. She has been singing in choirs and small ensembles for over 30 years, both in and out of school. Her choral involvement as a youth took her on several international tours, where she participated in competitive festivals such as the International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales and Festival Cantonigros in Spain. In addition to choral music, Betsy also loves all animals. She has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from the University of Washington.

Matt – Tenor

Matt has had a lifelong passion for singing and the arts. He has been in multiple choirs for over 15 years and has most recently studied music education and voice at Western Washington University. He is now acting as the musical director for the Emerald City Voices. Outside of singing, Matt enjoys tinkering with computers and being a handyman.

Patrick – Tenor

Patrick has been singing with the Emerald City Voices since the Fall of 2008.  Patrick enjoys spending his free time running, biking, hiking, singing karaoke, and arranging music.  As a youth, Patrick sung in Columbia Choirs and was lucky enough to travel to and sing in Europe, South Korea, and Canada.  Patrick is also the designated tall person of the group.

Jason – Baritone

Jason has been making music as long as he can remember. He has not had much singing experience prior to this chorus, but has extensive experience in pretending to know how to play the piano, bass guitar, and hurdy gurdy. A Seattle native and self-proclaimed cheeseburger aficionado, Jason likes to spend his spare time eating and generally just doing nerdy things.
What? What do you mean my bio has to be serious? It is serious! The hurdy gurdy isn’t a real instrument? There’s no such thing as a cheeseburger aficionado? You’re wrong on both counts, and I’ll prove it. Just you wait.

Jared – Baritone

Jared has been singing with Emerald City Voices for several years, and loves every minute of it! He has also sung with many award-winning barbershop quartets and choruses, including the famed BassTones.  He looks forward to the day that Emerald City Voices can have an entirely Barbershop-themed concert.

Andrew – Bass

Andrew has been in the business of making music for most of his life. His first musical love was percussion (drums), which he began playing in Elementary School band and continued with all the way through high school. In 6th grade, he joined the Columbia Choirs where he met most of the other members of the Emerald City Voices. Over the next 20+ years as a member of Columbia Choirs, he’s performed in countless concerts, traveled to Europe, Canada, and within the U.S. a number of times, and competed and placed in several world renowned music competitions. He’s very grateful for the opportunities he’s been given, and looks forward to what his future holds with ECV!

Andy – Bass

Andy started singing in 3rd grade when he joined Columbia Choirs, and he’s been singing ever since! Other singing groups include Harmony Explosion, The Windjammers, the world famous BassTones, (One word, two caps, no hyphen.) as well as an endless list of church and school choirs. His singing exploits have led him to competitions all over Europe, America and Canada, and there will be many more!